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It is about 1 foot cube - in other words, 12" x 12" x 12". And even though you didn't ask, the package weighs about 7 lbs.


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The patented design of the vacuum causes the toy pieces to fall into the collection basket while the lighter dust, lint, hair, and other small debris is whisked away and sucked into a separate tray where a foam filter prevents it from continuing on through the fan motor.

The dust and dirt is trapped here instead of recirculating back into the room air and can easily be emptied into the trash after a few vacuuming sessions. It is important that the black foam filter (about 1” x 7”) is in place in the green debris tray to prevent damage to the motor.

If it gets dirty after a time, it can be taken out to be cleaned, and if it gets damaged, you can order a replacement.

Duplo™ bricks are generally too large to be picked up by Pick-Up Bricks.

Pick-Up Bricks needs to be switched off in order for the charger to recharge the internal battery. As a safety feature to avoid the vacuum turning on while unattended, the vacuum will not recharge if it is left on when plugged in.

Make sure the orange power switch is in the off position (‘0’) before plugging in the wall charger. If you feel the vacuum is not holding a charge, try unplugging the unit, flip the orange power switch on then off (or off-on-off) and with the switch in the off position, plug back in. The green light on the charger (where it plugs into a wall outlet) will turn green a few moments you plug it into the wall, and then red when you plug it into the vacuum. It will turn green again when the vacuum is fully charged in about 2 hours.

Once fully charged, the vacuum will have 15-20 minutes of runtime.

A shorter hose helps make Pick-Up Bricks safer and easier to use for children. We designed the current version of Pick-Up Bricks specifically to give young kids a way to pick up their toys in a way that would be easy and fun for them and our first priority was safety. This is why the unit is designed to operate without wires, without being plugged in at an outlet, and with just the right amount of suction to pick up small toy pieces but not too much that could cause harm if the end of the hose were placed near the body or face. Getting the suction to work right required engineering not just the power of the motor but also a balance between the hose diameter, the flexibility of the hose, and the length of the hose.

A larger diameter could increase the size and amount of pieces that could be picked up (like Duplo™) but require exponentially more suction power. Longer and more flexible hoses could make it easier to use Pick-Up Bricks from a stationery position but bends in the hose cause pieces to clump up and create blockages. Most home vacuums are designed to pick up debris that is very small in size so clumping is not something a regular vacuum needs to worry about.

A ShopVac style vacuum won’t separate the toy pieces from all the other dirt, dust, pet hair, food crumbs, lint, and who knows what else that will be picked up by the vacuum.

Everything a ShopVac picks up ends up all mixed together either in the single collection tub or the newer vacuum bags. Once you manually pick out your toy pieces, they will be dirtier than when you started.

With Pick-Up Bricks, the dust and debris is pulled into a separate collection basket that can be easily emptied into the trash. You may also want to check the prices of ShopVacs - they’re more expensive than you think.