Aurora explaining Pick-Up Bricks to the Sharks during our Shark Tank pitch


Hello! I am the mama of 3 young, spunky, and creative boys who love to read, explore, and most of all, build. 

Now, if your kiddos are anything like mine, you’ve got LOTS of LEGO™ bricks — thousands of them, and they are everywhere, all the time, especially anywhere you happen to be walking barefoot! OUCH!Well, we had stepped on those little toy bricks far too many times, resulting in countless foot injuries and having to put way too many quarters in the swear jar.  After commiserating with friends and fellow parents, we quickly realized that we were not alone!  Others too are plagued by this dilemma, which made us wonder why anyone hadn’t invented a vacuum for kids to clean up their tiny toys…when we suddenly thought, "why not us!?!” and we got to work.It’s been a four-year journey from that ‘aha' moment to today.  We began by tinkering with our family on early prototypes, researched and worked through development, made several iterations, and did lots of kid-testing along the way.  Finally, we are so very proud to present PICK-UP BRICKS -- the world’s first kid-safe vacuum for kids & their tiny toys. But PICK-UP BRICKS isn’t JUST for kids -- parents and adult LEGO™ enthusiasts love it too!PICK-UP BRICKS is fast, fun, and so easy to use that your kids will love sucking up those pesky little pieces and have things picked up in no time.  Best of all, PICK-UP BRICKS separates the DIRT & DUST from your toy bricks, so no more dust bunnies in your toy bin! Believe me, your feet will thank you!  Now if we could just get the kiddos to hang up those towels…Yours truly,


Mama, wearer of many hats, & Co-Founder of PICK-UP BRICKS

Aurora & Steve pose, smiling after their Shark Tank pitch


Hi there! I’m Steven, Aurora's brother in-law and one of the co-founders of Pick Up Bricks!

I tend to day to day operations like shipping logistics, product inventory, customer service questions and marketing campaigns. Similar to Aurora, my house always had the never ending mess of Lego and other small toys on the ground. When this idea was formed I was quickly intrigued and wanted nothing more then to work side by side with my family! We have seen such wonderful growth within our little community of devoted parents, Lego enthusiasts and even grandparents looking for a fun gift for their grandbabies! As we continue to expand we will be excited to introduce new products and will continue to share our journey.